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editors' note

welcome, dear reader, to the inaugural issue of hyped on melancholythe ambition of this magazine was simple: to offer a forum for our excesses, to sharpen our words against a certain dizzyingly familiar affective state, and to do so by taking seriously that wilding form of our time: the pop record. 


after one of us (bob) drunkenly pitched the project to the other (sarah), we set about crafting a CFP and inviting friends and those we admire to contribute. the generosity these contributors have shown us is overwhelming. what you'll find here are sharp, careful, and brilliantly varied readings, stories, arguments anchored by an obvious love of the pop idiom.

below, you'll find a mix curated by all our contributors, offering context and atmosphere for your reading. 


we hope you enjoy this testament to listening together.


bob + sarah

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